Boost Your Newsletter Subscribers Effortlessly

It’s a common frustration for many webshops: customers make purchases but neglect to subscribe to your newsletter. While your newsletter database remains a favored channel due to its cost-effectiveness and high conversion rates.

At Basebuilder, we now offer a solution: Basebuilder Inserts.

With Inserts, you can effortlessly grow your newsletter database. Simply include a professionally designed scratch card to your webshop parcels and reward your existing customers with the opportunity to win great prizes and offer them a discount on their next purchase.

On the corresponding campaign website, the recipient can find out what they’ve won while at the same time voluntarily subscribe to your newsletter (double opt-in and 100% GDPR compliant). Watch as your subscriber list grows exponentially! It’s that simple.


Basebuilder takes care of it all. We fully design and coordinate the process: from designing the cards and website, to shipping the cards to collecting subscriber data. 

But here’s the best part: not only is Inserts an innovative and fun campaign strategy, but it’s also incredibly cost-effective, with prices starting at just €0,40 per email address.

Curious to learn more? Simply leave your information, and we’ll be in touch promptly. Let Basebuilder help you supercharge your subscriber list today.


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