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As an online retailer, you’ll understand the incredible value of maintaining a healthy, engaged newsletter subscriber database. Yet, like many other online retailers, you are probably also familiar with the challenges of getting existing customers to subscribe to your newsletter. Despite your best efforts, your buyers are not checking the subscription box.

Basebuilder Inserts offers the solution: using our unique concept, you can effortlessly unlock a cost-efficient surge in subscribers and sales. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:


1. Turnkey solution:
Basebuilder designs, prints and delivers fully branded and eye-catching promotional cards directly to your distribution center. The cards promote an online competition offering the chance to win a prize such as one of your gift cards. All you have to do is add a single card to each of the shipments you are already sending out.

2. Easy registration:
To find out if they’ve won, customers simply enter their email address and the unique code that can be found on their card on the connected campaign website, which is also designed and hosted by Basebuilder. During the registration procedure, up to 40% of customers also voluntarily subscribe to your newsletter.

3. Instant Reward:
After completing the registration procedure your customer finds out immediately if they’ve won. Every participant receives a discount code, encouraging their next purchase on your webshop. Everyone wins!


Proven results: with over 15 years of experience in more than 20 countries, Basebuilder has a proven track record of success, partnering with renowned companies like HEMA, Action, Aldi, and C&A.

Up to 25% of cards sent out result a customer participating in the competition.

Up to 50% of customers who decide to join in also subscribe to your newsletter.


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