What type of gamification works best for lead generation campaigns

"What type of gamification works best?"

It’s a question that pops up regularly in my meetings with clients. Gamification, the secret sauce of turning marketing into a game, is quite the conversation starter. At Basebuilder, we’ve got a smorgasbord of options: Scratch & Win, Spin the Wheel, Pick your Gift, Guess the Sound, and the list goes on. So it’s understandable that clients often find themselves scratching their heads over which one to pick. 

Fortunately, with over 350 campaigns under our belt, we’ve not only tackled this question but unearthed an answer that might surprise you:

It does not matter.

Let me try to explain. Imagine a baker that makes the most delicious fresh bread everyday. It’s made of the best ingredients, the smell is amazing and the price reasonable. But what if he forgets to open his door and the smell can’t reach the street? What if he forgot to pull up the blinds from his store? You will never know that his bread is amazing and tasty! You will pass by his shop and not give it another glance…

The same goes for our lead generation campaigns. It doesn’t really matter which gamification type you choose, it is how it is being promoted that counts

Promotion of our lead generation campaigns often goes via offline promotion materials in the form of scratchcards that are handed out at the checkout register and webshop packages. If the card says “Scratch & Win” or “Spin & Win” or “Pick your gift”, that doesn’t matter that much. What does matter? Two things: 

  1. The design of the scratchcards
  2. How the scratchcards are handed out

Clear design is key

As mentioned before, it is more important how you say it than what you say. The design of our promo cards will therefore always have:

  1. A clear call-to-action
  2. Easy to follow instruction
  3. Direct access to the online campaign

Consistent and enthusiastic promotion

The scratchcards are handed out in the stores by our client’s employees. The excitement and enthusiasm of these employees can have a major influence on the results. Some stores manage to get over 40% of their customers to join the campaign. While others from the same retailer barely reach 10%. So yes, do you think that your employees get more excited about a Spin the Wheel campaign than Scratch & Win? Let’s go for this gamification! The better the promo cards are handed out, the better the results which means more leads.

That is why, at Basebuilder, we have invested in developing store tracking and real time dashboards. To give our clients insights into how the promotion is going, so they can adjust, adapt and optimize during the campaign. This gives them control to optimize while it’s running and to evaluate the results afterwards. 

In this way, you get optimal results on your investment and there is no money going down the drain (or the paper shredder).

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