What NOT to do in the new year

As we transition into 2024, it’s important to look back at the past year(s) and learn from our developments. While we’ve had some great campaigns, we’ve also encountered several challenges. And doing the job is what you learn from most, right? Here’s some advice on what NOT to do in the future.

Print a non working URL code

Whenever we are launching a campaign, printing the actual promo cards is an important step in the process. In all of 2023 we have printed 77 million cards. The physical cards will lead to a URL, but if the URL isn’t working, the cards lead nowhere. To avoid this, double and triple-check that everything is up and running before printing anything. We’ve learned from our experiences and now ensure that everything is working correctly before printing cards.

Allow for awkward digit combinations

Unique combinations of digits are used in scratch cards for customers to win. However, it’s essential to prevent having any combinations that turn into a not-so-nice-word. We’ve applied and are constantly updating a blacklist of digit combinations and have avoided using letters O and I and the numbers 8 and 0 to prevent any miscommunication.

Being invisible in Google

Around 50% of the customers that receive a promo card, do not use the QR code. Many of them type the url in Google or search the name of the campaign. This means you want to make sure that the campaign is visible in the search results.

Participants playing in the wrong country version

In 2023 we had campaigns in 13 different countries and we often had the same campaign in the same countries (e.g. Austria, Germany, Switzerland). Some customers tend to end up on the wrong country’s campaign, which means they also end up in the wrong database. To avoid this, simply ask the user where they live before they can continue playing.

Having invalid discount codes

Basebuilder campaigns are ideal to distribute comeback vouchers. It is however, important to make sure that the discount codes actually work. We’ve made it a priority to double-check that all discount codes work before distributing them.

In retrospect, as we navigate the transition into 2024, reflecting on our past campaigns reveals valuable lessons. We’ve encountered challenges such as non-functional URLs, awkward digit combinations, Google visibility issues, cross-country participation errors, and invalid discount codes. Learn from our experiences to ensure flawless future campaigns.

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Sales Manager for the Benelux market, over 4 years of experience as Basebuilder project manager and crazy for conversion ratios, analytics and solving problems.

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