Basebuilder ensures data safety with ISO 27001 certification

Keeping our data safe and sound is more crucial than ever, and everyone wants to be sure their information is in good hands. Basebuilder received the ISO 27001 certification. This globally acknowledged certification affirms that Basebuilder meets all the requirements of the information security management system.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is a global information security standard developed by an independent organization. It defines the requirements for establishing, implementing and managing an Information Security Management System, also known as ISMS. Think of managing and protecting sensitive information including personal data, financial information and intellectual property.

The benefits for Basebuilder customers

Earning this certificate, means that customers data is secured and Basebuilder can ensure the safety of information, especially sensitive information. This safety net for information assists clients in meeting the legal and regulatory standards within their industry. 

“At Basebuilder, prioritizing security isn’t just a trend – it’s in our DNA. When personal data lies at the very heart of your product, you simply just can’t afford to take any risks. That’s why for us data security isn’t just a marketing tagline; it’s a sincere pledge to our clients and the millions of users who trust our platform to safeguard their information. We’re absolutely thrilled that our dedication and continuous efforts to ensure the platform’s safety have been acknowledged through the validation of the ISO 27001 certificate.”

Raelene van Schooneveld-Steenwijk – Head of operations

In a nutshell, we are all about safety, trust, keeping things on point and making sure we’re on the same page with the rules and regulations that are required in the industry. Achieving the ISO 27001 certification is a representation of our commitment to definitely keep your data safe and sound.

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With 15+ years of experience and doing campaigns across 13 countries, Basebuilder knows how to keep data safe and secure and offers the full package for omnichannel lead generation.

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