3 Tips for design of promotional materials

In the past 10 years, we have designed hundreds of scratch cards, leaflets, banners and advertorials. It is always challenging how to design such things because it is the first encounter with the target audience. You’ve got one shot to entice and activate them, so you better make it count! 

3 tips when designing promotional materials:

  1. Less is more
    Such a cliche and at the same time so true. You’ve basically got a split second to grab someone’s attention, so you need to make sure that the call to action is clear within that short timeframe. If you are trying to communicate multiple messages at once, the audience will get lost and not take action. One message, one call to action and it needs to be very clear what someone needs to do.

  2. Communicate both a QR code and a url
    To draw people to an online environment, a call to action to visit a certain website is needed. Nowadays QR codes are the perfect way to make this transition easy and smooth. Plus it gives you advantages of tracking. “Scan and win!” is a clear call to action. But what if your audience isn’t into QR codes? Not everyone knows how to use them. Make sure you offer both ways: “Scan the QR or go to basebuilder.com/win” We see in our retail campaigns that over 40% of the visitors didn’t come via a QR code.

  3. Keep a close eye on the color contrast
    In order to make a clear and clean design that has an easy to spot call to action, the color scheme is important. Try to avoid complementary colours and the combination red and green. Otherwise people that are colorblind won’t be able to read your promo material well. We always follow the branding of the client, but sometimes we need to deviate a little bit for clear communication.

Bonus tip:

Test your design! Just print it and go to a variety of people that have nothing to do with it and ask. “What do you do when seeing this?” This feedback is the best of all (in my opinion).

Want to see some of our designs? Check out our lookbook!

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